Why is Grabfood Shipping Expensive? This is the explanation

Portalsitaro.com – Grab app users may have thought about why GrabFood postage is expensive. Even though the distance traveled from the order shop is not so far from the customer’s location.

This expensive Grabfood delivery fee actually occurs due to various factors behind it. Whether it’s the distance between the seller and the buyer’s location, peak hours, and the policies of Grab itself.

Well, below we will briefly explain the reasons why grabfood postage is expensive so that users know why this can happen. Here is the full explanation.

Why is Grabfood Shipping Expensive?

Basically, Grab sets a profit-sharing system for each transaction in the food ordering application it develops. The amount of profit sharing that we mean above ranges from 20-25% of each transaction.

So it’s only natural that the price listed on the Grab application does not match what is available at the shop or shop partner for this online food delivery application. What’s more, the addition of food delivery services will make the food that we usually find at cheap prices appear to be more expensive.

Quoted from the grab com page, for the problem of delivery costs, related parties set prices starting from Rp. 3,000.00. If there is a change in food delivery services or restaurant promos, Grab will notify you via applications that are already available on the PlayStore or App Store.

The average price for Grabfood for the first 5km is 10,000 (valid at TKP Pekanbaru). However, this price does not apply if it is entered during peak hours, which makes the postage rate slightly higher.

It’s different if you use GoJek, because the manager doesn’t enforce peak hours. So the rate you provide remains flat or fixed for food delivery services when using this application.

Tips to Avoid Expensive GrabFood Delivery Fees

After knowing several reasons why grabfood shipping can be expensive, of course users also need tips and tricks to avoid rising costs when using this online food ordering application.

  • The first tip we recommend is, please look for a restaurant, shop, or warung near your house. Because it will provide relief in the problem of delivering the food you ordered at Grabfood.
  • Second, use food promos or shipping discounts if you find them. For example, there is a shopping promo of 50 thousand and a discount of 15 thousand. Use this opportunity to reduce the cost of buying food at Grab.
  • Third, avoid rush hour. Because GrabFood also enforces peak hours which usually apply during lunch breaks and going home. Please avoid those times.

Those are tips and tricks to avoid expensive grabfood shipping costs for food buyers. Please practice the three ways above to minimize the increase in food delivery.

That’s the information we can convey related to the problem of why grabfood shipping is expensive and how to outsmart it. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you. especially Grab application users who use this Grabfoof feature. Thank you and hopefully useful.