Why is Indosat’s Network Bad Today? This is the answer

SerbaGratis95.site – Julybe Indosat prepaid card customers have experienced an incident where the signal used today is not the same as usual days, whether it’s for slow application opening, streaming buffering, and so on.

Not infrequently we find people who have experienced this, complaining and asking why the Indosat network is bad today? Did something happen to the cellphone, signal, or Indosat itself?

Well, below we will try to explain why Indosat’s signal today is worse than yesterday’s. So, please read this article to the end to find out the complete information.

Why is Indosat’s Network Bad Today?

At least there are several reasons that make Indosat card signal bad or unstable. The reasons also vary, some of which come from internal and external factors of this Indosaat Im3 Ooredo provider.

In order not to feel confused, below we will convey some of the things that make Isat signals not as usual. So, customers know why it can happen.

Internal factors

The first comes from the internal factor of the Indosat card itself. The classic problem that is often experienced by Indosat users is that the network becomes poor or slow for some reason, such as a system error, approaching certain days, and using it during peak hours.

Usually if the problem is on Indosat’s own network, users can solve it by using a VPN or changing to a faster Indosat Apn. So the network can return to normal.

In addition, sometimes because it is almost a certain day, such as Eid al-Fitr, Vesak, Christmas or others, it creates a bad network and lacks support for playing online games or scrolling social media apps.

Another reason is that you use it at hours when the user’s signal provider is widely used. For example, work days, work breaks, coming home from work, weekends and so on. Because at times that’s a lot of users to fill their time.

External Factors

Not only internal factors, external factors such as weather, place of residence, and also the condition of the cellphone can also affect the signal emitted by this Indosat Im3 Ooredo card.

We often encounter people who experience a down Indosat signal because the weather in their place is heavy rain, power failure, or other conditions where the signal is often not in good condition (down).

Therefore, below we will also provide advice for those of you who feel that Indosat’s network is bad today, and want to fix it quickly. Here is a row of suggestions.

  • Please turn off and turn on HP (refresh) to make the signal performance fresh again.
  • Use a fast APN or VPN (many are spread on the internet).
  • If the lights are out and it’s raining heavily, please set it to the 4G Only network.
  • If the place you live in is difficult to signal, please move to a location that has a better signal.
  • If the Indosat network error, please wait until the network is stable again. If after 24 hours the network is still bad, please contact Indosat customer service.

Julybe that’s what we can say regarding the reasons why Indosat’s network is bad today and alternative ways to overcome them. We hope that some of the information we provide is useful for you. especially for Indosat customers who are having trouble with the signal. Thank you and hopefully useful