Why is the Axis Voucher Invalid? This is the explanation

Portalsitaro.com – We once found that an axis user could not enter the internet quota voucher he had purchased. When you want to claim a voucher, a message appears containing invalid axis voucher information.

This invalid axis voucher code can be caused by various things, both on the card that you are using or on the voucher you bought from the seller’s outlet.

Well, below, we will provide the reasons why the Axis card voucher is invalid and how to fix it. Therefore, please read this article to the end to find out the full details.

Why is the Axis Voucher Invalid

There are several reasons why the Axis voucher that you purchased cannot be used when entering the code. Where, the failure to input this voucher is due to various obstacles, such as:

  • Incorrectly entered the voucher code
  • The Axis voucher code entered is not enough
  • The voucher code is damaged or has been used, or
  • The active period of the card or voucher quota has expired.

In addition, if you buy a card voucher that does not match the region, for example your card is in Java and you use the voucher in Papua, it is possible that the voucher cannot be entered. So many factors make Axis vouchers invalid.

Then how to overcome this problem min? You can read the tips and tricks in the short article below, so that the process of entering this invalid Axis voucher runs correctly.

How to Overcome Invalid Axis Vouchers

For Axis cellular card customers who complain of a failure during the process of entering the voucher, maybe some of the suggestions below can be a solution to the problem you are facing. Here are the tips:

  1. Make sure to rub the voucher slowly, so that the 16-digit code can be read all
  2. Enter the axis voucher properly, enter 4 numbers gradually to avoid errors or deficiencies in entering numbers.
  3. Do not forget! check the voucher number with the code you entered via cellphone, whether it is correct or not.
  4. Also make sure the voucher you bought is still active along with the Axis card you are using.
    To check whether the voucher is damaged or cannot be used, we have made it in this article: how to check the axis voucher with the serial number.

Those are some suggestions that we can convey regarding the solution to the problem of the axis voucher when it is entered invalid. Well, for those of you who don’t know how to input the axis voucher code, below we will provide a guide as well.

How to Enter Axis Voucher

Here are the steps to enter the internet voucher or Axis credit that you have purchased.

  • Open your cellphone, then go to the Call/Phone application.
  • Type *838*axis voucher code# then click Call/OK
  • After this you will be sent a message related to the voucher filling that you have done. Along with information that the contents in the voucher, whether it’s credit or quota, you can use.

How easy isn’t it? Now you know the reason why the Axis voucher is invalid or can’t be used. Hopefully these tips from us can help and be useful to overcome your current complaint.