Assalamualikum, friends, see you again with Minin, this time Mimin will discuss why the Belle TikTok effect doesn’t appear / can’t be used,

In addition to ig filters, the tikok effect is also widely searched and used,

but sometimes along with the development of the application, the tiktok effect that can usually be used and suddenly cannot be used.

In addition to the Instagram effect, Minin will also share the TikTok effect here.

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OK, let’s move on to the discussion.

One of the causes of the tiktok effect that cannot be used is that the cellphone version is not compatible, which means that your android version must be higher.

Because every application has an application update system where every time we update the application version will be higher,

If the tiktok application has been updated or has been updated automatically, then the cellphone version with a low android version cannot use the latest tiktok effect

Well, here Mimin tries the balle tiktok effect, it still works, friend, that is Mimin uses the Android 10 version,

The way to overcome the bille effect cannot be used is

1) you can try deleting the tiktok application and then reinstall it, friend, and you can check the effect again or not

2) you can go to your cellphone settings, then select in the software update section, if there is a friend, update it for the android version, then you go to tiktok again and open the effect you want to use,,

Usually every cellphone can update its Android software, usually after we update the software, our cellphone version will be higher,

Thus the discussion of the tiktok balle effect cannot be used

Please try some of the ways above, bro, good luck