Windows 10 Solution Failed to Upgrade Due to VirtualBox

When upgrading Windows 10 to the latest build version, there will usually be some kind of dialog popping up asking the user to manually uninstall the VirtualBox program. Normally, the user just needs to follow the command and then press the button refresh. But what if the current condition is not installing the VirtualBox program?

This has happened to many people, you know. And most of the reasons are the same. Users don’t have to bother editing system files like this registry or other. Because what needs to be done is to remove the program related to VirtualBox.

Perhaps you are not aware if you have installed a program related to VirtualBox. For example like Android Emulators. Most emulators use VirtualBox to run them.

Overcoming Windows Upgrade Failed Due to VirtualBox

In this article, I will share the most appropriate solution to solve this problem easily. So you don’t have to bother anymore to browse here and there looking for a solution that doesn’t work.

And as I said above, please feel free to uninstall android emulator program currently using it. Examples like Bluestacks, LD Player, MEMUPplayetc.

If so, please restart the device and then head to Windows Update and continue the process. Possibly the same dialog as before will appear, only this time it won’t ask you to delete VirtualBox and can just press the button OK.

Not Installing an Android Emulator Program?

If the current condition is not installing any emulator program, then it could be that there are other programs that do the same thing. Examples like VMWare.

And don’t worry, Windows Explorer has an excellent search feature that analyzes files in every file drive. So you can find the VirtualBox file and then find out the directory where the file is located. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Windows Explorer.

  2. Click menu This PC.

  3. Then type VirtualBox.exe in the search field.

  4. Wait for the search process to complete.

  5. If the file is found, please right click and select Open File Location.

  6. Done, now you have found the directory where VirtualBox is located.

So, if you have found the origin of the folder, from there you will be able to find out what program the VirtualBox file is from. So please delete application/program related to the folder containing the VirtualBox file earlier.

If it has been removed, please restart the device and then reopen Windows Update and continue the process. Surely from now on you will not be asked to delete the VirtualBox program.

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Constraints of the failure to upgrade Windows 10 due to VirtualBox are mostly caused by the android emulator, so users must first uninstall the program so that the upgrade process can run smoothly.

And if the condition is not installing an emulator program, you can try the alternative method above, namely looking for the existence of the VirtualBox file and then manually detecting what program is related to the VirtualBox file.

Hopefully useful and good luck