WindScribe VPN Review: Has Many Good Features

WindScribe is a VPN that provides 10GB of free quota per month. There are many locations that can be enjoyed even on a regular account. Meanwhile, for premium users, the location will be much more.

The features offered for regular accounts are numerous, even more when compared to similar VPN services. In addition, the server connection that keep stable making WindScribe the best VPN service.

Meanwhile, the price of a premium account on WindScribe is quite expensive, but it is worth the features provided. But basically an ordinary account is actually enough to protect the internet connection against public networks.

There are 62 Total VPN Countries

Ordinary accounts will only earn approx 10 countries only one can try. As for the premium account, you can get everything 63 countries the. But sometimes for some countries there are many servers to choose from.

So in total, there may be more than 100+ server locations for premium accounts. And there’s even a location in Antarctica too. To be sure, WindScribe is very different from the others.

Support for All Devices

WindScribe is available for many operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. In addition, there are also extensions that can be used on Firefox, Chrome, and Opera browsers.

Support All Devices

So whatever device you are using now, this VPN can definitely be installed. To download it is also available on Store each device or go directly to the WindScribe website.

OpenVPN and L2TP Configurations Available

This feature is only available for premium customers, where you can connect directly from the OpenVPN, L2TP, or IPSec configurations obtained from the WindScribe website. However, not all location servers support this.

From my experience, there are only a few locations that can be used. Most of it from USA locations.

And if you’re currently using WireGuard, there’s also a configuration for it. You can get everything from the account dashboard page.

There are Featured Features: ROBERT

ROBERT is a smart feature in WindScribe VPN. Where you can limit the type of website so that it cannot be accessed, and visiting the website will be much faster because ads and tracking are blocked.

ROBERT Features on WindScribe

You can also add whitelist for a website on features Custom Access Rules. However, this smart feature also has its limitations for regular accounts. That is, it can only block potentially malware websites.

As for premium accounts, you can block even more, such as for social media sites, cryptomining, adult content, fake news, and some other negative things.

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Try a Premium Account for a Day for Free

All users are given a free trial for a day to enjoy the premium features provided by WindScribe. That way you can feel yourself wanting to continue to buy it or keep using a regular account.

For the price it will be cheaper when you buy it per year. Because if you buy per month, I think it’s too expensive. But it also depends on your needs on the internet.

As long as I’m using WindScribe, I haven’t had any problems with the VPN server I usually use. There is one obstacle, namely from the ad blocker feature, where sometimes a website that I access cannot open properly. But to overcome it is very easy, just add whitelist to the website.

So are you interested in using WindScribe? The reason I continue to use this VPN service is that it is easy and fast to connect to it. If you use an extension in your browser, you just have to wait for 1 to 3 seconds and then the VPN connects successfully.

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