Work Tips & How to Become a Successful Supervisor (Reliable)

Successful & reliable supervisor – Julybe most of us don’t know what a job as a supervisor is. Supervisor in Indonesian is known as supervisor, supervisor himself as quoted from the Wikipedia site comes from the word supervise which can mean supervisor, director, controller, etc. The main task of the supervisor is to bridge between the positions above him (managers, administrators and directors) to his subordinates (staff, employees). provide superior policies and pass them on to staff and employees. So that the supervisor’s gait & responsibilities are very important, so special skills are needed for this position.

Therefore, a supervisor (supervisor) must have high-quality abilities and include the skills to build good relationships between superiors and subordinates; skills on usability and work activities so that they can work well, be creative (creative), effective, quality, able to produce, efficient (efficient), work successively (synergetic), and intelligently carry out supervision of subordinates; spiritual intelligence skills (emotional intelligence) and a mindset that fosters good character.

After some time later I discussed about supervisor’s duties and responsibilities, this time I will discuss a little about how to become a strong, reliable and successful supervisor according to the field of work. Supervisors can be divided into several tasks according to their talents and experience as a supervisor for production, marketing, management and so on, but in general supervisors have the main task of monitoring a production process so that it runs smoothly and under control.

Abilities of Reliable Supervisor

So here are some of the skills, abilities and responsibilities that are expected to become a reliable and successful supervisor:

  • Able to provide policies conveyed by the position above it to all subordinates and their group properly, therefore a reliable supervisor is required to be able to convey information properly.
  • A reliable supervisor must have a leadership spirit, can manage the work group in the group he holds or show his work to his subordinates
  • A reliable supervisor must also have extra abilities not only relying on the performance of the staff or employees but also carrying out tasks, projects, and work directly
  • A reliable supervisor must also be a protector, provide training, lead, motivate, enforce rules, be disciplined, be able to solve problems, control, evaluate the performance of his subordinates. Supervisors are required to have the soul of a leader, a leader, able to lead and foster employees under him, problem solver.

Now here is the importance of a company, agency or organization having a supervisor. Through this supervisor, the company’s vision and mission are expected to be achieved. A supervisor must have the criteria of a good and fair leader, this is because of the vital role of the supervisor in the success of the company. The supervisor’s duties and responsibilities are indeed important for the company, but in general we can divide the supervisor into 5 major responsibilities, namely:

  • Planning, planning the activities that are their duties
  • Organizing, coordinating activities and activities so that they run smoothly
  • Staffing, ensuring everyone involved in the task and work.
  • Directing, Directing how to make the task and work run smoothly.
  • Controlling, exercising control over the activities in the group and the work carried out by the group.

The role of the supervisor is very much considered by the administration within a period of 3-4 months after receiving a promotion as a leader, most new supervisors are confused about what steps to start first, indeed on the one hand the position and compensation are getting better, but also compared to that their roles and responsibilities have been very good. exclusive strong with the performance of the organization.

Start preparing yourself to become a Supervisor long before a promotion or hire is offered, study carefully and continue to be trained in technical skills and assess how your current job is. Now for those of you who are preparing to become a supervisor or supervisor and occupy that position, here are tips that may be useful for your better career continuity, namely to become a successful and reliable supervisor.

Learn more
Study many books on administration and leadership. Read about it a minimum of 20 minutes per day including Saturdays and Sundays. Take a short class on leadership that you have the opportunity to undergo, in Indonesia various short trainings between 3 days to 1 month that change your perspective on leadership. Your activities like this will usually be noticed by your boss and see you trying to improve yourself. Rest assured if this is what you do, it will become a very good habit.

Don’t be ashamed to ask and ask for help
Anyone who has just occupied a newly held position certainly requires a lot of knowledge and procedures that apply in the company. So don’t forget to check the 5-10 minute reports you manage from your staff in the morning and don’t be shy to ask for their advice and suggestions.

Quickly and decisively make decisions
Supervisors are required to be leaders or leaders, so show your employees, subordinates or staff that you are a leader who is disciplined, firm, nurturing, directing and maintaining the rules.

Motivating subordinates
Pay close attention to the things that don’t need to but annoy your staff and fix them. No need to talk about it too long, make a decision, because they note it as your weakness. Make them work comfortably. Find out the strengths of your staff and see their career development. With things like this you may one day lose them, but they are more motivated and eager to achieve goals while under your supervision. Invite and teach in a healthy and logical world of work and explain to your staff why the company needs employees with this type. Challenge your staff for a factual cause not for mere organizational power, if they face a problem you have to step down to support and help them.