Your KTP has been used for the previous account upgrade application in Dana – When users want to upgrade from regular Funds to Premium, users sometimes encounter various obstacles. One of them is the appearance of a notification ‘Your ID card has been used for a previous account upgrade application’.

The appearance of a notification that your ID card has been used sometimes confuses people who upgrade to Premium Funds. The reason is, we can’t continue the upgrade request because it’s stuck on the notification.

Well, below we will provide an explanation related to how to overcome the notification that your ID card has been used for the previous account upgrade application in this Dana application.

But before going to the topic of discussion, you need to know what causes this notification of your ID card to have been used. Check this out…

Cause Your KTP Has Been Used For Previous Account Upgrade Application Appears

From the notification that appears, you may have guessed what made the Premium fund verification fail. Yes, the ID card factor that has been used is the main reason why the Fund account upgrade cannot be done.

Even so, maybe many people who dodge have never verified their ID cards before. Because, upgrading Dana to Premium now is the first time he’s done it.

If so, maybe before or on your old number you have upgraded to Premium Funds. So that your ID card notification has been used for an application to upgrade this Fund account can appear.

It would be impossible if the Dana made up a story that the user’s ID card had been used. Because this premium fund upgrade is also a medium to be able to make more transactions.

So, what’s the solution, bro? can 1 KTP be used for 2 Dana accounts? Or is there another way to solve this problem?

Well, below we will provide a solution to the problem that your ID card has been used to request an upgrade to a Premium Fund account. Please read carefully so that your Danamu digital money wallet account can be upgraded.

How to Overcome Your KTP Has Been Used for an Account Upgrade Application in the Dana Application

Here are the steps you need to take to make the process of upgrading premium funds with the same ID card successfully.

  • Please contact Dana CS via email at [email protected] (don’t recommend via WhatsApp because the response is long)
  • Then submit a complaint that you cannot upgrade to Premium Funds with a notification that your ID card has been used for the application.
  • If so, the fund will send a reply message regarding the reason why the notification appears. Please apply for cancellation of the old Premium Fund account for reasons such as the number associated with the ID card is no longer active and has been lost for a long time. Can I scan my ID card data to a new account at this time?
  • Then, through Customer care, Dana will convey what needs to be done to restart this registered KTP upgrade.

For example, the number registered in the Premium funds account (previously), the reason for releasing the account, the last remaining balance, transaction details for the last 14 days (date/mercent name/transaction amount), where the last premium funds balance in the premium funds account came from, photo card KK, registered name according to ID card, and place of birth date.

  • Complete all the following data and then send.
  • If there are some questions that you feel cannot be answered, please answer them according to what is happening now.

For example, the number has been lost, forgot the number, did not remember the last transaction, did not remember the last balance, and so on.

  • Wait for a reply email message from Dana.
  • If a message appears informing you that you have successfully released your previous Premium Fund account and you are asked to verify your premium account at another number. So now you can upgrade your Dana account to the new number.
  • Verify the premium fund upgrade via your new number.
  • Done

Notes: The release of premium account status can only be done once for 1KTP. So, don’t let this incident happen again.

That’s the information we can convey regarding the problem that your ID card has been used for a previous account upgrade application when you want to upgrade your regular account to the premium Dana application.

Hopefully the little information that we convey through the short article above will make it easier for you in the premium upgrade process, which is constrained by the fact that your ID card has been used before. Thank you and hopefully useful.