Your Session Solution Has Expired Funding Application – When Dana users log into this application, sometimes a notification appears that says ‘sorry your session has expired, you will be returned to the welcome page’.

The session notification has run out in the Dana application, sometimes making some users of this digital money wallet confused and don’t know how to solve it. Because, before he had never received the notification when using it.

Well, below we will provide a little information regarding the sorry notification that your session has been exhausted in the Fund. So, please read this article to the end to know the full details.

Your Session Has Expired in Funds

When you log in to your account and find a notification sorry your session has run out, you will be returned to the welcome page in the Dana application, this indicates that the application you are using has expired.

Expired session in this Fund also causes a forced automatic account logout. In essence the user will be removed from the Dana application homepage, just like you initially signed up for a Dana account.

So, what causes the session expiration notification in this Dana application, min? Is the Dana account hacked or a separate problem in the application? e-payment popular in Indonesia?.

Cause Your Session Has Expired in the Funds App

Many Dana apk users who get this session expired notification are wondering about the reason why this warning can appear in their Dana account. Even some people are worried whether the account they are using has been hacked by irresponsible people.

Actually, the expired session or the session has run out occurs because the user has logged into the Dana account to another cellphone. So, the Dana automatically deactivates the account on one of these cellphones.

We think that the application policy of limiting one account to one account is quite good, in order to protect the user’s Fund account and ensure the security of the data that has been provided to the Dana application.

Then, is there a way to solve the session notification that this fund has run out, min? if yes, how?

Expired Session Solution in Dana

To solve this problem in order to restore the account and return to normal again, it’s actually not that hard to do. users only need to re-login using the previous Dana application account number: Here’s how:

  1. On the welcome page, you will be asked to enter your previous Fund number.
  2. Please enter the Fund account number.
  3. Next, enter the PIN of the previous Dana account.
  4. Make sure the data you enter is correct, both the number and the Fund PIN.
  5. Done

Those are the steps to restore a Fund account that got a warning your session has expired in Dana. Stay calm and don’t panic when you get the warning.

If there are problems such as not being able to verify your account or there are additional notifications (you haven’t been active for too long), you can delete and re-download the Dana application so you can use it again. so and hopefully useful.