Youtube Earning 3000 Subscribers

Assalamualikum youtube friends. see you again in the mimkn article, this time mimin will discuss the youtube income of 3000 subscribers.

Is the income of youtube 3000 subscribers big? Julybe for those of you who want to know the income of youtube 3000 subscribers or are curious about the salary of youtube 3000 subscribers? Right in this article, Mimin will unload 3000 subscribers’ youtube income, how much does he earn.

Actually, for income from YouTube, what else like Minin, the average video is only watched about 20-30 views per day, the income is not big, bro. To get a salary from Google Adsense, we have to reach the target of 100$ and then we can get paid from Adsense Youtube .

Pervidio income is actually quite small if our views are small, YouTube’s income is actually not pegged to subscriptions, but is pegged to the number of views watching our videos.

As for the results of making tutorial content, it’s not big, mate, yes, but it’s pretty good even if you can’t download it yet. For a month, I only get about 5 dollars, mate, with almost 4000 subscribers. So YouTube’s income isn’t big, bro, for those who might be tutorial channels, but if the audience is a lot but the subscribers are few it’s still a big result.

So we can’t really guess the income from YouTube, for the Mimin channel itself last month or July it was only about 8 dollars in one month. That’s with an audience of about 20-30 people, friend, so actually the gahi on YouTube is not as big as we imagine. Well, those of you who are curious can see Mimin’s income below,

Mimin only earns 0.5 dollars per day, friend, and to reach 100$ dollars it may take quite a long time, so actually we can increase the audience by using the promotion feature to google ads.

Now, but if we want a video that has a lot of viewers, we can actually promote it through google ads, but yes, it can be said that it costs money. That’s why the admin channel doesn’t promote it because there is no fee yet.

Mimin only uploads capital per day even though the income is only 0.5 per day, and yes, thank God and thank God, maybe one day it will be big, amen.

Now for friends who might want to build a YouTube channel, keep the spirit, don’t despair, friend, upload diligently so that many people watch the video.

And the most important thing is that when we create a youtube channel, we must focus on only one comment so that our videos go up quickly, don’t mix content, if you use mixed video content, it will be difficult to go up, friend.

Thus the discussion of unloading 3000 subscriber income, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.