Youtube salary goes to Adsense 2022

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again in the mimn article, this time we will discuss when the youtube salary goes to Adsense 2022.

YouTube salary goes to adsense!! Of course, maybe for you YouTube creators and blogs, of course you are familiar with the name Google Adsense. When the channel or website has been accepted by the partner program, of course we will get paid with the results from our videos and our website.

And this time we will discuss when does youtube salary go to google adsense? After being accepted by the YouTube partner, of course he has passed several conditions in order to register for Google Adsense, one of which is on YouTube itself, we must have passed the rules from YouTube itself, which are 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. homemade original, if our video is original homemade, it usually won’t take long when submitting to google adsense. Of course it’s not easy for us to get, it takes time, which is long enough to increase subscribers or watch hours.

Julybe the difficulty in the first time is content, yes of course we have to divide our time between creating content with daily time. Julybe for those of us who create a channel without us being promoted, we will definitely have difficulty increasing the number of views and subscribers, because we know the competition on the YouTube channel. so fast. now, but there are many other ways to get our channel a lot of views and subscribe, that is, we share it to other social media, such as fb grub, or telegram so that people can easily find our youtube channel.

After reaching 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, then you must register with google adsense, to get paid from the ads that appear on your youtube video. After you apply for monetization, you just have to wait for an answer from google adsense, usually through the gmail menu.

While waiting for the decision from google adsense you have to focus on uploading a video so that your videos are more and more easily found on youtube, after you are accepted on the youtube partner orogram then you can make money from an ad that runs on your video channel. and usually it’s not big, bro, but if you have a lot of videos and you promote your channel to google ads then usually the views themselves will increase, but to promote your youtube channel to google ads, you need to spend a little money because promotion on google ads is not free , aka we have to pay or like to fill the balance do google ads.

Don’t forget when you have received Google Adsense, a monetization dollar logo will appear, and you can select all and activate it directly. Then there will be an income menu appearing in the YouTube Studio section on your Google Chrome. That’s where you can see your estimated income per day, for income from YouTube itself, which is persistent. First, YouTube income will be recorded on YouTube Studio in the income menu section. Then when will it enter our Adsense account?

To enter into our adsense account, usually next month, for example, if we receive Google Adsense in July, the July income will go into Google Adsense next month, which is not July, and around the date (10-13) your income is in Yaotube studio will enter into Google Adsense. For earnings in July itself, it will go to Adsense in July with the same date.

When the balance has been entered into google adsense, then you need to wait for your balance to reach 1300,000 and then it can be disbursed through your bank account, provided you have verified the account and the adsense oin letter sent via the post office.

That’s the discussion when YouTube salaries go to Adsense 2022, hopefully this short article is useful and thank you