Zepeto Aesthetic 2022 Character Name

Portalsitaro.com – When starting the Zepeto game, players are faced with choosing a character name. This needs to be done as a step to recognize the name of your own character.

We think this username or character name is very important. Because to find out is easier for the owner or friends who want to get to know the character. In addition, having an aesthetic character name, for example ‘Azzura’ will make the character cooler, compared to the name ‘Tukiyem’.

Actually, the choice of the two names that we have shown above is legitimate. It’s just as easy to remember. However, this will more or less affect the popularity of the character’s name.

People used to say, the name brings its own blessing to its owner. So, it doesn’t feel right if we embed character names that are careless and less cool to use.

Therefore, below we have provided a list of recommended character names aesthetic which we collect from various sources. There are those from games, the names of ancient knights, and modern names for millennials. And here is the list:

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Zepeto Aesthetic 2022 Character Names

We have prepared a cool and quite aesthetic username that you can use on your favorite characters. For more details, please see the list below:

1. Zepeto Male Aesthetic Character Name

  • Astro, Black Steel, Cosmos, Daniel, ReyMysterio.
  • Asta, Barbaros, Carrick, Diggy, Baptista, Kane.
  • Alex, Blaze, Caze, Virza, MikeMenemy, BoggyMan.
  • Ackerman, Burriram, Client, Mosquitos, Slinderman.
  • Boys, Rafael, Cisse, Cristian, Messi.
  • Aguero, Diego, Knight, Thor, Lucifer.
  • Joker, Hydra, Vicka, Azurland, Eren.
  • Cleo, Leonidas, Ban, Zhang liang, Duke.
  • Elangga, Lingard, Cavani, Glaxs, Killer.
  • Cyro, Vinsmoke, Order, Omnicorn, Ozay.
  • Calvin, Harrist, Dumbledor, Relight, Maeda.

2. Zepeto’s Female Aesthetic Character Name

  • Ayla, Beatrix, Catty, Chelsea, Veronica, Vizel.
  • Alexa, Beryl, Deapsy, Princess, Quenn, Elizabeth.
  • Aiko, Brigenza, Emma, ​​Benedeta, Nana.
  • Adelwey, Karin, Robin. Sakura. Snowhite.
  • Evy, Laila, Licia, Luca, Bella.
  • MissThousenYears, Alice, Hanna Montaga, Mowgli.
  • Kinan, Adelaide, Alana, Aqueta, Aurora.
  • Caroline, Charlotte, Belley, Bianca, Liza.
  • Elsa, Esmeralda, Avengeline, Fetish, Eve.
  • Giselle, Grace, Hazzel, Hera, Iris, Jane.
  • Jasmine, Katrina, Clara, Mariam, Melinda.

That’s a row of zepeto aesthetic character names that we can give. Hopefully with all the names above you like it even though it’s only one of them. Also Read: Zepeto Can’t Be Opened? This is the solution

This is the information we can convey. I hope the little information we share is useful for you. especially, for those of you who are looking for cool and aesthetic Zepeto character names. That’s all and see you next time…