Zepeto Can’t Be Opened? Here’s How To Overcome It!

Portalsitaro.com – Zepeto players may have experienced an incident where the game suddenly couldn’t be opened. In fact, previously this application can be used smoothly.

The incident that the Zepeto game cannot be opened is not only experienced by one person. But there have been many Zepeto players who have experienced this, either it can’t be opened because error data, stuck on the logo or something else.

Well, below we will provide information related to how to solve Zepeto cannot be opened. So, for those of you who are experiencing this problem, you can read this article to the end to find out the cause and how to overcome it.

Cause Zepeto Can’t Be Opened

There are various reasons why the Zepeto application cannot be opened. Some of these factors include unstable internet connections, application system errors, or indeed the Zepeto server is experiencing problems.

If the problem is only on an unsupported network or a slow signal, maybe the user can outsmart it by riding a neighbor’s wifi, or going to a place that is good enough for the performance of the card you are using.

However, if the problem you are facing is from Zepeto itself. What you need to do is wait until the relevant team finishes it. The reason is, this is beyond the capabilities of our players and our personal team.

We also have a way for those of you who are facing the problem that Zepeto can’t be opened because it’s stuck, or it takes a long time to load. If you want to know, please read the article below to find out.

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How to Overcome Zepeto Can’t Open

To overcome Zepeto which cannot be opened due to long loading reasons and is stuck on the Zepeto logo. You can use a VPN application to overcome this.

We also recommend premium VPN applications for maximum results. But, if you don’t have the money to buy it, please use the Nigh Owl VPN application which can be used for free. The method:

  1. Open the Google Play application on your cellphone.
  2. In the search field, please write Nigh Owl VPN.
  3. Download and install the application.
  4. Open and activate this VPN, if you don’t know how to do it, please read the Nigh Owl VPN usage guide
  5. If it is active, minimize the application and open the Zepeto application which is having problems not opening before.

So by doing this, the Zepeto application can be used again smoothly. Without a hitch.

Notes: Not only night owl VPN, but you can also use other applications, such as VPN Master or others.

Questions About Zepeto Can’t Be Opened

  • What if you already use Zepeto VPN and still can’t open it? Try again using another server. For example, first you bring a Singapore server, then next please bring an American server. If you still can’t, please use someone else’s Hotspot for maximum results.
  • Does the above method support cellphones with iOS devices such as iPhones? Does not seem.
  • Does the above method apply to the “Zepeto app not responding” problem? No, if the application problem does not respond, please delete the application trash and restart the cellphone. Usually this trick is quite effective in dealing with unresponsive applications.
  • Does using a VPN have to be connected to internet data? If possible yes. So, the network is stable and there is no other reason that the Zepeto application cannot be opened.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding the reason why it can’t be opened and how to overcome it. Please practice the method above so that your Zepeto game returns to normal again. Thank you and hopefully useful.