Zepeto Shirt Code, Shop 1 Zem

Portalsitaro.com – To display characters that are stylish in Zepeto, sometimes players need to make or buy the clothes they need. Whether it’s clothes, pants, skirts, shoes and so on.

If the player wants to make a shirt in the Zepeto game, it takes a lot of time to do it. Moreover, he needed to spend a certain amount of zem to be able to make the clothes his own.

worth it? Certainly not, right?

Well, below we will provide information about a collection of dress codes on Zepeto at a low price, which is only 1 zem. For those of you who are curious about the dress code, please check below to find out.

Zepeto Shirt Code Price 1 Zem

Here is a cheap zem shirt code that we managed to get from various sources. Please wear it if you want to buy nice, cool, and trending clothes for your Zepeto character.

  • P8GSSF By Thaddea
  • KYGPE2 By Minamisaur
  • KC5YVO By Iren Silva-ZT
  • Miyou By miyoung
  • A5FXWS By Camila
  • CIKUCIKU By Quin
  • GLUCOSE By Quin
  • JVKBU6 By Cha-Num
  • ZW85B6 By Akki

That’s a row of Zepeto game dress codes that we can say, not a lot. It’s just enough as a reference for a cheap clothes shop with a price of no more than 5 Zem\the clothes.

How to Enter Dress Code on Zepeto

Here’s how to enter the dress code that you previously purchased. Here are the steps:

  • Open your Zepeto game account
  • Go to Search option
  • Type the code you bought, for example ZW85B6 (Draken shirt code)
  • An item with the maker of the suit will appear.
  • Click the shirt with the code.
  • Done

By doing this, you can try on clothes that you previously bought through this cheap shirt code on Zepeto. Easy isn’t it?

That’s the information we can convey regarding the Zepeto shirt code. I hope the above information is useful for you. In particular, for those of you who are looking for cheap clothes in the Zepeto game. That’s all and hopefully useful.